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Blogger Wanted for OceanShores.com

Are you a great, descriptive and fascinating story teller? Can you whip out interesting short blog pieces almost as fast as you can type?

Started in 1996, the OceanShores.com has been redesigned from the bottom up and is growing readership fast.

We are now ready to hire a great blogger to fill it with news, information, tidbits, trivia, people, and the inside track of everything related to our Ocean Shores and the North Beaches. There is so much to tell, so much to explain and so much to report - and we are looking for someone to do exactly that.

You do not have to have experience, but you must a fair, complete, detailed and even funny writing style. Must write in clear, crisp and concise style. Of course, if you have experience that is a big plus. And if you have a portfolio that shows a breath of work we will be impressed.

You must hit all deadlines without fail, and learn how to upload the text and photos, along with notes documenting any interviews or facts you report. Occasionally, we may send you out to do longer pieces or interview people in the community.

You do know how to interview people, quote accurately, provide attributions and think like a journalist. We are not looking for a columnist, someone who wants to lecture the world, or someone who has an ax to grind.

This is not a full time job (far from it.) but we want to buy a fresh new blog every week. You won't get rich, in fact it pays just a pittance. But you will get famous in our neck of the world and that is kinda enjoyable. And you must live in the area - we won't hire anyone from outside.


- Click on Blogs on the top of this page
- Click on "Submit a blog"
- You will be asked to create an account
- Then you can write a 300-600 word blog
- And upload a photo (optional)

REVIEW: If your blog is accepted we will contact you directly

Please get started today. We need great writers, blogs and photos for this website.

Call: 800-854-2834 Email: For more detail: OceanShores.com Mention Ad #0268