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Pacific Surf Condos

Ocean Shores has a lot of vacation homes, it's the best place in the state for a weekend trip, after all, but we think Pacific Surf is special.

This mid-century rambler-style home is split up into several units, and we've done our best to pack them all with the kind of accomodations we want when we're at the beach. When we stay in one of these homes ourselves we want to relax and read a book when we aren't playing in the surf just past the dunes.

We've been running Pacific Surf for some years now and we'd like to think we've learned a thing or two about what makes a special beach retreat. Part of that is the charm of a mid-century home but with contemprorary furnishings and appliances, and the other big part is being in the heart of Ocean Shores itself.

We've got so many favorite restaurants around here we don't know where to start but you're sure to find your own favorites just by taking a walk around town. We really love Ocean Shores, the big flat beach and slow rolling waves are like nowhere else on earth and we hope you come to love it as much as we do.