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Dan Darr, John L. Scott Ocean Shores

1) What do you enjoy most about working in real estate?

"The people”! I absolutely love meeting and helping people sell and buy homes. This is the probably the biggest transaction of their life and I feel privileged to be a part of that process. Every person and every day is unique and that keeps me motivated."

2) Tell about your real estate office and a bit of your history with the company.

"The Team!" The people at John L. Scott are incredible. The hand-selected team is a close group that help and look out for one another. This team is dedicated to helping our clients and each other. We work together to help each other problem solve and develop our skills. We are very much a united team." I’ve been with John L. Scott since November of last year. After interviewing with the other brokerages in town I knew immediately John L. Scott was the right fit for me!

3) What makes you special or do you include in your relationship with your buyers and sellers?

"Honesty and trust! I work hard to build a rapport with my customers based on honesty and integrity. This is often the biggest purchase or sale they will make in their lifetime. Building trust through honest and meaningful interactions is a key factor in the client-broker success. I realize that each customer is an individual. I listen to make sure I know what my customer wants. My customer service skills help me build successful client relationships and help me network successfully with vendors and colleagues."

4) Give a few stand out features and fun facts about you.

"I was a guide dog puppy handler in my teens. I only drink water and hot tea. I am allergic to chocolate and beef, I have worked on a cruise ship and, I lived in Korea, Germany, England, Washington State, South Dakota, and New Mexico. I was on the City of Alamogordo’s Housing Authority Advisory Board and was also a board member of the Alamogordo Friends of the Zoo (AFOTZ)."

  • Address: 711 N. Point Brown Ave., Ocean Shores, WA 98569
  • Phone: (360) 660-5033
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