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Pirates invade Paddle the Shores

(News Item #0394, Published: 08/30/19, Author: , OceanShores.com)

This will be another fun-event of human-powered watercraft racing, cardboard boat building and (wet) racing. Saturday, August 31 finds all ages at the annual Paddle the Shores.

This year the Ocean Shores Pirates will be adding some color and volume to the event. You'll find them with a BOOM...firing a very large starting gun (or a very small cannon) to launch each of the various races taking place along the city’s canals.

Much preparation goes into Paddle the Shores. Fresh Waterways Trustees trim and remove reeds that block the waterways signs, allowing paddlers to see the signs.

Bruce Malloy, president of the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Corp., said this event is a natural fit for his organization to run.

“We’re an all-volunteer nonprofit, and our charter is to keep the 23 miles of fresh waterways in Ocean Shores as pristine as possible,” he said. “We monitor the water quality, we remove navigation hazards, we remove weeds — anything to do with the waterways.”

Registration will begin 9 am, Saturday at 120 Marine View Drive — the docks across from Oyhut Bay Resort. Individuals and teams may sign up to race a variety of human-powered vessels on a long or short course. At 10 am, the six-mile race starts at 10 am. And at 1 pm, the two-mile race launches.

There’s also a stand-up paddleboard race at 11 am and the Poker Paddle at noon. For the cardboard boat race, construction begins at 2:30 pm. race starts at 3:30 pm.