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Hi-Tide Resort Pulls in Goldener Inns

(News Item #0423, Published: 01/15/21, Author: , – Hi-Tide Resort on Washington State's Moclips Beach has engaged Goldener Inns to provide full service management for the 32 ;ocean front vacation rental condos. Read more

HelpBookMe Invents Bumper Days to Facilitate Cleaning

(News Item #0417, Published: 03/30/20, Author: William Victor May, – Software engineers at the Vortex Organization have designed and installed a new system that adds unoccupied "Bumper" dates between bookings to separate occupancy between guests and staff. Read more

For WA's 'razor clam guy,' digging is a family affair

(News Item #0412, Published: 01/18/20, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Fish and Wildlife's Dan Ayres' grandfather survived the Great Depression by hunting for razor clams. Read more

Market for Mission Open House

(News Item #0410, Published: 12/06/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

Seabrook hosts Halloween Costume Party for the Adults

(News Item #0405, Published: 10/14/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

Celtic Music Festival set for Ocean Shores

(News Item #0404, Published: 10/10/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

Ocean Shores Library October Calendar

(News Item #0403, Published: 09/30/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

Historic times at the 5th annual Heritage Fair

(News Item #0401, Published: 09/20/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – The Museum of the North Beach will be hosting its 5th annual Heritage Fair 4-8 pm, Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino. Read more

Double Barrel BBQ One Year Anniversary

(News Item #0399, Published: 09/19/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Double Barrel BBQ Ocean Shores - now celebrating it's first year being open!! Thank you for all the support and awesome feedback!! 360-500-5872 Located at: 732 Point Brown Ave NE in Ocean Shores! Read more

It's gonna be a Whale of a Quilt Show

(News Item #0400, Published: 09/19/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Ocean Shores is gearing up for a Whale of a Quilt Show. Sea Pal Quilters presents the 26th annual weekend event at the Ocean Shores Convention Center Read more

WDFW announces additional tentative razor clam digs through December

(News Item #0398, Published: 09/18/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – State shellfish managers have tentatively scheduled additional razor clam digs on ocean beaches for dates in October, November and December. Read more

Chili Bowl Cookoff sends winner to World Food Championships

(News Item #0396, Published: 09/05/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

Up Your Wind Kite Festival takes to the skies

(News Item #0395, Published: 09/02/19, Author: , – This is a non-competitive event. Just come and enjoy the kites in flight. Or bring yours to join the colorful display. Read more

Pirates invade Paddle the Shores

(News Item #0394, Published: 08/30/19, Author: , – This will be another fun-event of human-powered watercraft racing, cardboard boat building and (wet) racing. Saturday, August 31 finds all ages at the annual Paddle the Shores. Read more

Associated Arts of Ocean Shores presents AAOS Arts and Crafts Festival

(News Item #0393, Published: 08/29/19, Author: , – Associated Arts of Ocean Shores (AAOS) is proud to present the 2019 AAOS Arts and Crafts Festival in Ocean Shores, WA. Read more

It's the fifth annual North Beach Community Fair

(News Item #0392, Published: 08/01/19, Author: Stephanie Allestad, – Read more

Construction continues at Ocean Shores Library

(News Item #0391, Published: 07/31/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

Faith Community Church is the site for the July 23rd Ocean Shores North Beach Chamber of Commerce

(News Item #0390, Published: 07/18/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – It is a rare opportunity for most to dine out with five-star quality—and at a church no less! Read more

Grays Harbor Youth Athletics Golf Tournament, Dinner and Auction hits a hole-in-one in Ocean Shores

(News Item #0387, Published: 07/02/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

Ocean Shores Library schedule includes construction

(News Item #0388, Published: 07/01/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, – Read more

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