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Sand Dollar Penthouse an Amazing Place

My name is Kelton and I live in Ellensburg, Washington, I was a guest the past two days at the Sand Dollar Inn Penthouse.

The penthouse itself, I stayed there before. And it is an amazing place that has great views. It was very meticulously clean. And I had no problems at all.

Also, the managers gave us a check-in list and check-out list. And I found that very helpful to know exactly what they expected of us. And so it made the check-in, checkout process much more thorough, much more satisfying.

We're not left with the question, did we do the right thing? Or did we leave anything undone that should have been done. So I commend the managers or managers of this facility for that.

Other than the weather, which of course you always expect on the coast, and they can do nothing about it. We had a wonderful time.

And we found some very interesting places to explore. Along the coast, it's well located. Then even though it's a small town, we found all we needed.

And I thank the managers again for a wonderful stay, and probably will not be our last. Thank you. Bye – Kelton, Ellensburg, WA