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Immaculate, and perfectly furnished in every way!

WOW! Forgive me, but the rating "good" is simply not good enough! The "cabin" and I use that term loosely, it really is a lovely home, was immaculate, and perfectly furnished in every way! And, the guest services? Phenomenal! I was blown away with their 4-star service, and I do not throw that phrase out lightly.

Most importantly, especially to my husband, was the fact that I while I was attending a conference by myself (the gal who was supposed to room with me came down with the flu) I can happily report how secure, well-lit, and well-managed the entire property was, and how comfortable I felt in my rental! Hurray! I cannot wait to return!

In fact, I have already told one of our friends they must rent here! With two little boys, this is perfect! Actually, the fact that it is not right on the water is a serious plus! Mom and dad can relax (and the wild boys can play on that awesome playground) and not worry about the kids wandering down to be swept away, seriously, this is a big advantage.

And, when they want to go to the beach...bam! There is the private beach ready to go! Again, HURRAY!

I cannot wait to bring my own family back to enjoy this great place! – Dana, Snohomish, WA

Manager's Response

You are so very nice to say so. Many people have worked years to bring out this wonderful new resort. We can't wait until you come back to shake your hand - Shari