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Review from Bryce

Read moreBryce, Gladstone, OR

We would stay there again.

Read moreThomas, Charleston, SC

We truly enjoyed our stay

We truly enjoyed our stay in this home. The home has a very homey feel. There is a wonderful view of the ocean and a very short walk to the beach. Read moreSarah, Longview, WA

Cozy blankets to snuggle in by the gas fire place

This property had an exceptional view of the ocean, and all of the accommodations were thought through leaving us feeling right at home with lots to do and a kitchen full of things to cook in and with. Read moreWren, Tacoma, WA

The location and proximity to the beach were very good

We enjoyed our stay here Read moreGideon, Portland, OR

The place was great, gorgeous view

The place was great, gorgeous view, constant sound of crashing waves, well stocked and would recommend it to others. Read moreBeth, Halifax, WA

House was cute, comfy beds

House was cute. Comfy beds, plenty of lots and pans. Read moreLisa

Had a wonderful 3 nights

Had a wonderful 3 nights.beautiful weather the 1st day,then turned into typical WA weather.Still a great relaxing stay!! Beach view is a great house came equipped with everything we needed. Fun times for us and the dogs. – James , Bri , Brian & Rachel, Whidbey Island,WA

Perla-Warreus and Pala DeBerry's had restful stay

Had restful and wonderful stay at the cottage. ThankYou! – Perla Warreus & Pala Deberry

Paddle to Quinault Journey

Paddle to Quinault Journey Read moreDetores

Nice place Very relaxing

Nice place.Very relaxing – Stales

My family and I absoultely loved it

Our dog loved the huge yard and the views were spectacular from the deck. Read moreMichele , Eva , Kristina

Lovely to here the ocean each night

Just what we needed.Lovely to here the ocean each night.It made for good sleeping.Wish we could stay even longer Read moreCole & Brett, Lake Oswego , OR

Lovely little getaway

Lovely little getaway.We loved being able to see and hear the ocean from our bedroom.We now shooting stare and the Milky Way from the back deck very cool – Steve , Kathy Chayeman , Emma & Chloe

Loved the sound of the ocean

Loved the sound of the ocean ,We enjoyed every minute.Thankyou. – Dolle, Topeka , KS

Just the perfect "get-away"

Thankyou for the use of your great Cottage.Just the perfect "get-away". Read moreMukie

It's a really nice , comfortable and clean house.

It's a really nice ,comfortable and clean house.We like it really much.When we are back here , we will always remember this house – Katrin , Andi , Ailecn , Anr

Great view! Overall well stocked and the cabinets were helpfully labeled. Read moreValerie, Auburn, WA

Had a wonderful weekend !

Had a wonderful weekend ! Thank you ! – Mzrk & Bridget , Molly & Milo

Stayed with hubby for Anniversary ! Loved it

Stayed with hubby for Anniversary ! Loved it !Very comfortable and we had a great time ! – Sarah & Ethan

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