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Beautiful condo. Very comfortable!


We had no problem

We are thinking it would be noisy due to staying on the holiday weekend but we were pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was. Read moreMia

Clean, but out of date

The condo was clean but furnishings were older and a bit run down. Good location but no direct beach access. Unit was quiet. Read moreCaitlan

Ocean Shores

Nice and cozy units by the shore right in the middle of Ocean Shores. Beer garden in front. Nobody is on site but we didn't have any issues. Read moreBrad,

It was very clean and well maintained.

We loved the location and there was ample space inside of the unit. It was very clean and well maintained. Read moreRebecca,

Loved the Layout

We liked location to local stores coffee cafe stands We loved layout floor plan ! How each room tied in with each other Read moreTerry,

Everything Was Great!

Rinda, Expedia

Relaxing and Quite!

Angela, Expedia

Near the beach

The condo was clean, and generally is reasonable condition. – Verified, Expedia

It met my expectations

Overall, it met my expectations. Better views than expected of the ocean despite buildings. I had the top floor. – john

Great Property!!


Very Clean!

it was very clean and i felt safe. – Norma, Expedia

Cozy And Comfortable


Beach view! Great location


Rating Only!

Verified, Expedia

Rating Only!

Verified, Expedia

Rating Only


Rating Only


Rating Only


Location was nice.

The Bed were Comy and Cozy.The Location was nice. Read moreOksana

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