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Beach Grass Condo

What a rare surprise this little resort was!


What a rare surprise this little resort was! We were heading to another place, when we turned into the Beachwood only to give our pooch a place to do her "business". Inspite of its humble exteriors, we decided to check it out. The staff was delightful and let us peek in a few vacant windows. We liked what we saw and checked right in (evern though their doggy units were booked, they switched reservations around to accommodate us - thanks!) It just kept getting better from there. The little apartment style units were updated, lovely, tasteful, immaculate & perfectly stocked - surprising luxurious for this "neck of the woods". We have felt this whole experience to be pure serendipity, for us, it was a perfect couples place to relax. It also seems ideal for family time. Thnka you Beachwood for being such a Washington coast gem. We'll be back! – Clint