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Beach Dream Central Las Brisas

Great Place

Beach Dreams is as advertised. You can't get any closer to the beach w/o being in the surf! House was very nice. Plenty of room for 3 kids, the wife and I, and the dog. Kitchen is a bit small if you're a family that needs to have two or more people cooking at the same time, but otherwise it was fine. Bathrooms and bedrooms were all well maintained. I read the earlier comments about "all the stairs", and have to say I am a bit embarrassed for those folks. We have a 16 y/o special needs child who can walk, but not for long distances. He was able to manage the stairs on a daily basis with no problems. It's like 12 stairs or something to get from the entry to the main house.... wish the weather would have been better, but we enjoyed watching movies as a family while sitting in front of the gas fire. – Jason O., Maple Valley, WA