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Capt. Gray`s Landing

The house was beautiful


The house was beautiful, the beds were very comfortable to sleep in and the kitchen has everything needed to eat in and cook for the family instead of eating out the whole trip.

Everything was there that we needed except shampoo and conditioner and a hairdryer but I had brought my own items with me so no big deal there for me, they will have body wash for you but make sure you bring your stuff with you.

They had everything we needed to do a few loads of laundry, dishes and keep the house clean while we were there. This was worth being able to relax and feel at home and not all crammed inside a hotel while in vacation in Ocean Shores. Also there are deer everywhere to see walking around eating.

So wonderful to see right off the front porch while drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or relaxing in the evening with the kids at the community park. There is a cafe/bistro and a beer and wine bar there are well and we were told there would be a coffe shop opening soon to. And there were new building being build for more shops coming soon.

Also they had kayak and bikes and more for rent there to. If we come back down, will be renting a home here again for sure!!!!! – Neomi, Tacoma, WA

Manager's Response

Thank you for staying in our property, we would love to host you again - Shari