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Capt. Gray`s Landing

Extremely clean and well cared for.


I've stayed on two different occasions and I love it. This is the place to go for complete quiet and serenity. My cell phone doesn't work and there isn't a phone in the cottage so it's the perfect getaway from work.

You can literally walk across the little road and you're at the beach. The cottage itself is extremely clean and well cared for. There is a bbq on the deck and a fire pit in the backyard. My favorite item is where I can snuggle up on a drizzly day with a book. There really isn't much around so

it's best to buy groceries in Aberdeen as opposed to driving into Ocean Shores. There is a divine little espresso shop about a block from the cottage with free wi-fi. The owner, Marty, is very friendly and will really take care of you.

My only fear in writing this review is that I will never again be able to book the place on a whim as I imagine this could become a pretty popular place. – Amanda R., Seattle, WA